Ghostface Killah - The Rise Of The Ghostface Killah (ft. Adrian Younge) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Ghostface Killah - The Rise Of The Ghostface Killah (ft. Adrian Younge)

The Rise Of The Ghostface Killah Lyrics / Paroles

Yeah yeah y’all y’all
My duices stand, my guns bust the sounds
I’m a black vision..killer pro valence,
is the rebirth..rise through the..
they took out stucks but the light shines within
it’s the all..and the murder is ghostface
body’s dropped the ous left for cold case
Colombian neck times in my black gambino
bodies get dumped in the black El Camino
it’s rino gangsta wars money power respect
revenge is felt like the heat from attack
time the guns are relevant I’m pull the proof now,
fly through the end duck your chick a pal
black super hero crime boss archin nemeses
good verse eatin since the first book a..
battle to the end that’s the way of the thriller
and stucks we’re born as the Ghostface killah

Yeah yeah, no one could get iller,
murd us, bodies choppin to zip locks
killer be killed on this covered old street blocks,
crime boss I call one of the Lucas,
watch my eyes turn red, I got a squad from the shooters,
murder murder, kill kill kill
when the gas.. I’ma put the smoke street real.

Hey y’all late night, stunt in the limo,
hard time to caple headed to drive em
left us in the back with no time as a survivor
roll dog spittin the mouth
disappear as warm kill the beast,
crippling from their knees,
take their legs out you know the steeves
from the night on, ..power of my control
faster than speed of light, we catch the big hoe,
rootless, six bodies hung in the mid road
to put the shine I call nobody shine,
stuck in the bottom, kill normal way..
call my name in your skin
pull us stuck a man..face to recognition
no time for a mission, attack till they no one left in a position
and you turn it the worst case scenario
ghostface attack so Atlanta now..

Their stucks is reborn, reborn as the gold
Ghostface Killah
Murders, bodies chocolate to zip locks,
killer be killed on this covered street blocks,
crime boys, I call boy at the..
watch my eyes turn red I got the squad full of shooters
murder murder, kill kill kill
when you gas ..I’ma put the spark to the grill,
murder murder, kill kill kill
watch the body can’t rise when the face gets real.

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