Gorilla Zoe - Easy [paroles]

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Gorilla Zoe - Easy

Paroles: Easy


RIP to Eazy, I'm [?]

My bitches, they get broke it ain't no problem cause it's easy


I'm spendin' money easy, like I don't really need it

The wind blowin' through it, boy make ya look so easy

A hundred bottles easy

Rollie shinin' easy

Dollars on the dime, she gon' shake it for me easy

[Hook x2]

Ballin' like it's easy

Bugatti, Lamborghini

I throw it up, she take it all

We make this shit look easy

[Verse 1]

Fuck niggas gon' hate me but these strippers love me the most

Remember me in that old school but I pulled up in that Ghost

Only street nigga that traps shit, I jumped off of that porch

Now it's bamboo on Sunday and my nigga makin' that toast

And that rolex on glow, fifty bands I blow

You say you started off on that bottom bitch, but I really started off broke

And they prayin' all on my downfall, like "Where the fuck did he go?"

Tell 'em I'm a [?] millionaire, nigga you ain't even know it




[Verse 2]

Yo main bitch my side ho, we fuck ya bitch by 2

The whole crew done ran through

Bitch ain't shit special 'bout you

[?], that's real money we threw

Spend a hundred bands on Big K.O.D, they like what the fuck did they do

Spend a hundred bands on my crew, two seater no roof

Got a bad bitch in my passenger and I swear to god is she loose

We ridin' round with that [?], Ben Franklin that truth

My left pocket a fed case but fuck nigga need proof



[Verse 3]

Niggas watchin' my pocket, bitches all on my dick

Throw ten thousand in ten minutes, that's how you get a bitch wet

I'm ridin' 'round with that sack, that bag nigga that check

I pull up at that stop light, these hoes breakin' their necks

For a UFO or [?] gold, that's two things I ain't met

That money all on that table nigga, I roll the dice and I bet

Said scared money don't make money, you niggas ain't rich yet

And I move weight like Schwarzenegger, real nigga I flex