Gucci Mane - Big Money / I Wouldnt Do It

Big Money / I Wouldnt Do It Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Gucci Mane (DJ Paul)]

Yweah... BURRR... uhh.. Yeeah

(Gucci Mane, Hypnotized Minds, remix remix boy)

[Bridge: x8]

Never too much

(Three.. Three 6 Mafia)

[Verse 1: DJ Paul]

I went to L.A., shit freaked me out

Came back the next week nigga, bought me a house

And I still representing living in the south

So nigga get that hollywood shit out your mouth

Because if you had it like me, you would do it like me

Ronald Ross, fuck hoes, blow blow like me

Paparazzi, most wanted, TMZ like me

Reality TV show like me, about me!

[Verse 2: Juicy J]

I'm trying to get me a couple millions

Or a billion

Stunting on you haters with my gold face grilling

Juicy J the man, [?]

In your neighbourhood, with a fine ass brazilian

Got the drug money mane, so I gotta spend it

Fli-Flip that, get it back, I'm open for your business

Drumma Boy make this team, yeah we in the building

Trying to stack this cheese real high to the ceiling

[Hook: Gucci Mane x2]

I can't stop, I won't stop

I keep getting money

Never too much, never too much money

I woke up balling, I went to sleep stunting

Never too much, never too much money

[Verse 3: Project Pat]

Yeah, It's your boy Project Pat'a

[?], guns they go click clack

15 pounds of Cali Purp, can you flip that?

Yeah her booty real fat, nigga wanna stick that

25 stacks, make it rain, can you tip that?

Loui's on my face, and a pair on my feet-on

Wolf dogs on the streets, lambs that get eat on

Don't pay your bills, and you end up in the street man

Dumb niggas don't care, living for the week-on

Green candy, chrome rims, hoes started speak-on

Big booty mix brah, brains like a [?]

Benjam'ans in rubber bands what I'm seek-on

Rolls'ey Royce, watch how gucci get [?]

[Verse 4: Yung Joc]

I just can't get enough, just can't get enough

Hundred racks around the corner, gotta go and pick them up

Duffel bag, duffel bag, I can't get enough of that

Maserati look like [?], trying to fuck with that

I gotta have it, I'm a stone cool addict

For mathematics I take the money, flip it then i stack it

Split the swisher then pack it, Gucci say he gonna match it

Got a Brightling on the wrist, so I bought a Bently to match it

[Hook: Gucci Mane x2]

[Verse 5: OJ Da Juiceman]

Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye

Money money money, Juice get hundreds

Busting 50 bricks, goddamn Juice stunting

Boulder Crest working, Sun Valley running

Real D-Boy dog, ain't no fronting

Gold grill dog [?]

Di-Di-A-Diamond, flexing all the money

Pinky ring 20, Juice get money

Alligator door, man we shrimp on the sunday

Bubble Kush and Irish Kush and Juice stay blowing

With stupid friuty diamond all in my jaw

Working 6 celphones, Juice got a bond

Never too much, never too much awwww

[Bridge: x8]

Never too much

(Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey)

[Verse 6: Gucci Mane]


I make it rain on Rihana

Rain so much she had to get an umbrella

Need a Beyonce to drank what I drank

If you freaky like Lil Kim, then you think like I think

Haaah, Do you see what I see?

Tell BET Rocsi need to get mean

Swagger through the club, looking just like money

My little boy one, but his shoes $400 (Gucci!)

With tax, better yet, $450

Gucci all red, so he's shitting on the infants

He shitting on the infants, Gucci all red, man these shoes $450

[Hook: Gucci Mane x2]

[Drumma Boy]


Drum Squad

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