Gucci Mane - Brick Fair (ft. Future) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Gucci Mane - Brick Fair (ft. Future)

Brick Fair Lyrics / Paroles

Ever since I got a brick fair
I never look back there
If you ain't from the Zone 6
Shawty don't go there
I'mma die a bachelor
Girlfriend I don't want none
I already smashed her
So don't even go there

Bitch I got a brick fair
Say them boys don't play fair
I'm from the East Atlanta Zone 6
And the kid got rich there
Hell yeah we got bells there
And you know we got bricks there
If the police pull me over
I'll probably get the damn chair
First one off the bench nigga
You can call me the 6 man
Lot of squares in my living room
AKA I'm the brickman
And I hope that you a snitch player
So we can throw you in a ditch player
The way I wrestle with the work nigga
People call me Rick Flair


Dirty air pistol, my lagoon in the hood
Do you got a body for me beggin on the line
When I doin what you doin now?
Hit em in the head I got a ?
Pushin weight like I'm doing exercise
Moving up the hill and shit
And I got them pills and pies
I'mma mafia santano
I'mma real movie the HD
Imma astronaut my real life
I promiss you can't see me

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