Gucci Mane - Club Hoppin' [paroles]

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Gucci Mane - Club Hoppin'

Paroles: Club Hoppin'

Started in Magic City ended in Onyx
she fine and she going crazy i'm throwing money
compound to the Velvet I think I'm elvis
i always keep green around me like i'm a celtic
come out to the gold room i'll bottle poppin
20 grand all in hundreds I'm going shopping
them lames to the blue flame bitch i get it poppin
come ride with the Gucci man i take it club hoppin

birdies above the skirties but they ain't scrubbing

im feeling all on her titties, we kissin cousins
blaze i wait to the libra back to the cheater
you know the procedure when I be smoking reefer
my money is doing push ups its doing chin ups
i vanish from club vaquish and went to Pin-ups
my diamonds they shining bright when they in the light
on the life on a Saturday night with a n*gga wife
hundred bottles a hundred blunts cause i am a smoker
good with me i took a fifty and went to Stroker


Work and you know i'm working you know i'm grindin'
shinin i'm throwing money at King of Diamonds
Phantom I gotta Phantom i think im handsome
bad bitches on my tail we gonna go to Mansion
cold so i bought the rose and i got the lambo
im syruped so i brought the ammo with me to Cameos
and i love on that club Live i just spent a crib
in Miami is my second home so i just bought a crib
got that cream yeah my whole team we about that green
im the man all these womens dreams so we went to Dreams i dont play on that club Play on a friday
Leavin Detox and smokin chronic like Dr. Dre


To the a trap house to the Playhouse im in Los Angeles
in the west coast i waited down south these bitches scandalous
in DC i fuck with Love and i fuck with Stadium
money be doing flips like in a gymnasium
in New York im in Perfections i think im Diddy
a sinner but im a winner in sin city
Adriannas in shaitown no I go to Factory

four ounces off in my soda yeah thats the potion
Houston im on that drank when im up in Motions
pandimonium up in Pandimonuum yeahh im in Detroit
and i left there and took a priviate jet back to New York.