Gucci Mane - Panoramic Roof (ft. Young Thug) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Gucci Mane - Panoramic Roof (ft. Young Thug)

Panoramic Roof Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook – Gucci Mane]
Panoramic roof, I just bought a coupe
I just bought my girl one, so yeah I just bought two
You know how I do, I can cook a deuce
Multi-millionaire but nigga, Gucci’s still a shoot
Panoramic roof, I just bought a coupe
I’m gon buy my girlfriend one so I’m gon get her deuce
I can cook a deuce, I can sell the fruit
They call me Big Guwop my nigga cause I got the juice

[Verse 1 – Gucci Mane]
They call me Gucci pour a pint, yeah I pour a pint
If you ain’t pouring pints then I don’t even want to drank
Said “can you cook this cook”
He said “I think I can”, that nigga can’t
Standing over the stove, now I’m taking it to the sank
Got 50 bags of OG and you know them fuckers stank
I smoked em all cause there wasn’t even enough to make a bank
I got a gunner killing elephant, if I can stop a train
I be a load, I’m dirty dog, I take your cash don’t give your name
You a bitch and nigga you know you ain’t gon get no strain
Say you gon do something to work but get what I been weighing
Beware, La Flare’s a millionaire and I keep pistols everywhere
Left lane, old school 74
With the big ride, switch lanes
OVO, just the 6th man
Cause my sideways [?] leave that shit stains
I got your main girlfriend on my dick man
She said she wanna fuck me because of my wrist band
She said she wanna fuck me cause I’m a rich man
She said she wanna ride with me you got that ish man
If you’re a player come knock me for my bitch man
I got 6 red cars, I need 6 lanes


[Verse 2 – Young Thug]
Shoot out the roof
This shit stank though nigga
Like damn nigga [?]
Goddamn she a juicy fruit
Pass me that blunt bitch
Blow the smoke off
So much work game cooked in the spot I had to blow a nigga’s nose off
I make them dose off
Find the corner son
Every play with a nigga in my crew you’ll end up in a coma, son
Flow hot like my mouth from Daytona son
In the club 500k, like I just signed with Sony or sum
But I ain’t signed with Sony, nah
I'mma cool the system son
Leave a nigga missing a son
Neck hit like [?] dimensions and son
I got racks on racks on racks on racks
Pull up to the hood
Give away them packs, them packs, them packs, them packs
Now everybody
Cash longer than a lac, on a lac, on a lac, on a lac
No problems, say we ain’t going back
You dig me?


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