Gucci Mane & Young Scooter - Remix Rerock (ft. Waka Flocka)

Remix Rerock Lyrics / Paroles

DJ Scream Hood Rich bitch

[Hook x3]
Remix rerockin totin’ rockets came up in the hood
I didnt have an option but to sell D

[Verse 1]
I .. so many bricks
Sold so many splits
I’da tricked so many niggas
I don’ hit so many licks
On the street top in my Reeboks
and Im higher than the tree tops
And my chopper is on unlock
I got more guns than a gun shop
I got this stuck up bitch that smokin’ kush
She said she got the hick-ups
Smashed her in my pick-up
She call now I don’t pick up
I walk in take my mink off
Smash a bitch then wash my dick off
I know you thought I did a show but
I just dropped two half bricks off
And I never stop trappin’
I wont retire
These niggas just rappin’
These niggas really liars
I’m smokin on POW
Whipin’ up Pow
These suckers buy swag but it really makes me prouder

[Hook x3]

[Verse 2]
Rerock remix, remix rerock
Finesse king, I got brick shop
I break em down, they get polished up
And put back together, got bricks soft as leather
Some hard as a rock, I put em on the block
And then your traffic stops, I got all this gwap
From the remix block, my hustle never stop
I fell off I had to remix my way to the top
You want some free bands better re rock
I get A-1 then I rerock
You try to kick the door you get hit with a rocket
Number plugs round me, Young Scooter the socket

[Hook x3]

[Verse 3]
Really I didnt have a choice so early age young a portrait
So early age I want lil Porsche
Dope boy drivin’ on Rolls Royce
Dope boy got these hoes moist
You hit a dope man you hear my voice
Used the remix all them things
Didnt have my.. ms joyce
Remix everything just to make a profit
Yeah mother fucker money lil lonely out here
Man I can’t go broke again
Got to double up double up, hustle up hustle up
Baby I’m a hustler
Your man a customer
I’m gettin’ motherfuckin’ money what you know?
(What you doin nigga?)
Used to be in your neighborhood sellin bows
Your front door, we selli’n them hoes
Get blunt out fast, we spend it the dome

[Hook x3]

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