Gucci Mane & Zaytoven - GucTiggy [Lyrics/Paroles]

Gucci Mane & Zaytoven - GucTiggy

GucTiggy Lyrics / Paroles

Ha, it's me Gucci, wizzop
Ha, burrr, ha
Bling-blaow, it's Gucci, burrr

I ain't got no partners, I'm my own partner
And I don't want no artists, I'm my own artist
They say I wrote the book but here's another chapter
You ain't gotta ride with me, dick ride another rapper
Before and after, bitches lickin', walkin' backwards
You just sucked Gucci's dick, bitch you'se a lucky bastard
I prayed for better days and better days came
It's a lot of things done changed but y'all the same lames
The difference is I don't sneak diss man, I name names
A different world so I wear glasses like Dwayne Wayne
I get to rain dancing in a drought and then the rain came
Y'all sound the same like all y'all rapping with the same brain

Ha, Woptober

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