Gudda Gudda - Red Rum [paroles]

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Gudda Gudda - Red Rum

Paroles: Red Rum

[Verse 1]
All red GT, dipping in that turning lane

YMCMB, call that shit the murder game
The booth is like a coffin, when I get in here
I murder thangs I’m on one, where them hoes at
They want a picture with me, call me Kodak
Johhny cope nigga, I let them hole that
Real nigga though, but you already know that

[Verse 2]
I’m on the paper chase and I ain’t stopping for a second
I was starving then I ate and now I’m back here for my seconds
I am living out my dreams, chilling with your queen
And her legs and her thighs is where I’m tryna get between
Man, I’m tryna get in loose, patron mixed with the juice

And I’m spitting on you bitches like I got a missing tooth
David Copperfield roof, hit the button nigga poof

I’m on fire, I’m on fire, pistol singing like the choir
Get your girl in my bed, make her hit high notes like Mariah
Man, my cup is still muddy, dirty sprite I love it
Hit the party, spike the punch man
I be thuggin’ it in public
I’m a wild boy, strapped like a cowboy
2 revolvers in the holster, click pow boy
Fuck next nigga, I got 9 boy
Dope flow, have some coke and a smile boy

Red rum nigga, red rum

Red rum nigga, red rum

[Verse 3]
Believe me when I tell you boy, ain’t a soul stopping mine
It’s mob but best believe, we throwing up them dollar signs
Stop a slime, I make my young niggas turn shit to collabine
Trench coat, yappers underneath forget you blocking line
We popping 5 I’m on it, just stroll on my opponents
Put a hole in the middle where your head is and call that a donuts Young and reckless talking reckless, you don’t respect it then you check it
Scope on your …you check me, I don’t check it
50 grand up in this duffle
I don’t need to double check it
Shit I got it from the Birdman you might find something extra
YMCMB for business, God is my witness
I’m the sickest nigga spitting, the flow is nasty like syphilis
I’m a …big gifted, you niggas is on my shit list 5 thous to the shooter, now niggas is on my hit list

Murda 1, click clack, boy we call that red rum

Red rum nigga, red rum

Red rum nigga, red rum