Gudda Gudda - Stupid (Ft. Flow) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Gudda Gudda - Stupid (Ft. Flow)

Stupid Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
OK, you ain’t talking ’bout money, you ain’t talking bout nothing
Hammer cock back cause these niggas be fronting
Like trash I be dumping, niggas talking reckless on the record when I see them
And it ain’t about nothing

Make her sick the dick till she vomit

Niggas don’t want it, murder my opponents
Hoe bitch shit I never with the Donnie
I’m living for my life I live it for the moment
Pop one, pop 2, now a nigga straight zoning
Walking up the block with my hand on the heater
Other hand gripping on a bad senorita
This 8 o flow cold, I say I got fever
Treat the beat like a bad bitch, I’ma beat it
Live and I weave it, left hook, right hook, jab I defeat it

Black or the red bones, I don’t fuck skizzers
Niggas talk stupid, I’ma mute and delete them
Mutilate a nigga then I move out the reason
Half black half Puertorican, long hair, don’t care, fresher than a deacon

I go stupid, stupid, dumb, ham
I go stupid, stupid, dumb, ham

[Verse 2]
Machiaveli, illuminati, I’m high as fuck,
Who can find me, my weed strong, do pilates
Do a drive by, up in 2 bugatti
I ain’t tripping, no roots behind me, fuck around, you can loose your mind me
All my niggas got iPhones, if I can’t find you, I’m using Siri, bow
Just got a truly from Gudda, I’m so raw, I should really use a rubber
Kill you, they find you, banana up your ass, so 40 motherfucker
Gudda, what they gonn do with a nigga, I’ma fuck around and kill 2 of these niggas
La clippers, like Blake Griffith, I’m throw a bomb, let it boom on them niggas
Light the blunt, hit the kush, dumb ass hoes get beat with books
Run up, kill your part, and your bitch ass didn’t even look

Run upon me, 2 letters pow, ow, IV
I’ma smoke this whole 7 then go skateboard at errin
Bitch I’m harder than the devil my name should be devin
Loyalty amongst thievers, L.A.T
And don’t blame me, I got these zam balls from derrick

[Hook: x2]
I go stupid, stupid, dumb, ham
I go stupid, stupid, dumb, ham

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