Gunplay - Break 'Em Off (ft. Peryon J Kee)

Break 'Em Off Lyrics / Paroles

I got bitches on the blade, on the stage
And on back page
Swerve, grip and I grab grame
Bitch I'm coming down
Like a skinny Ricky rouse
Bitch we still break them off

Getting' money like a poster
With a pistol and a hoster
I got that dope beat
That she wanna a double dose
Just a triple beam dreamer
And a triple black beamer
With a kung-fu fight
And a triple black Nina
Anything is on my lap
At all times my nigga
Half ass rap niggaz
All around my nigga
Niggaz talk about guns
All the drugs they slung
All the bitches they're hitting
You got to be kidding

Ain't no pimp going
In your hollow ass body
My dick drives bitches crazy
Boy they get psychotic
Hoes see the check
And bring their money right back
In my palm like that
Got a flat back cracker
And a black bitch for back-up
And a chain that I'll put you
And me and Jacob
Ain't shit real about you
Ain't shit real about you
Oh you're a rapper?
My hoe's a sucker lacker deal

Let me say the shit straight
Let me count on my profit
All my bitches in pocket
Wtf you sayin'?
I'm checking traps
That bitches is lookin' like she took it
I'm still in bitch's soul

So I'm knockin' niggaz' hoes
I need most, no bullets
Most no ballers
Cause ain't no witness deal
To go back and tell the vice- officer the shit we deal
Maybe it's just me and gun
I'm breakin' the hookers off
Prostitutes at the Atlantic City workin' at the trunk
Cause makin' hoes choose
They could stay
You really be checkin' your bitch's purse

I'm a go and let you know
Why these squares are nosin'
And these hoes are tosin'
You know what I'm saying?
My nigga here lookin' horny
My nigga came down in skinny jeans
AKA span dicks, man
You know what I'm sayin'?
A hoe is like a gangster
I do this shit for real bro
From Washington DC to Waikiki
You could check it
I got hoes seein' the paper bro
All away from the African zoolu to Honolulu
Every time I hit Miami
I knock a new bitch
You know what I'm saying?
They're suckers man
You say a nigga's sweet man
You know what I'm saying?
Hold up
You know what I'm saying?
When I do the talk
Hey look
This ain't for the talk man
I'm really livin' it man
You're fuckin'with the key
Alright look

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