Gunplay - I m Krazy (ft. Feat.Young Dro)

I m Krazy Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Young Dro]
I'm crazy, you wanna fuck me?
I'm crazy, you wanna fuck me?
I'm crazy, you wanna fuck me?
I've had enough of me, I'm crazy
Leave this shit, I'm crazy
I'm crazy, I'm crazy
When you ain't there, I'm crazy
If I keep that thought I'm crazy

[Verse 1: Gunplay]
Geeked all week, leave me the fuck alone
This [?], Black Bottle, pink molly keep a nigga numb
This bad bitch a freak, she tried to steal a nigga tongue
I'm on one, on two, on three keep the party going
Wise words, eyes blur, can't talk, just quiet words
Loud music, loud girls, tough words in my wow world
Spanish islands, [?], being honest it was non-[?]
Celebrating like nine fiestas
After the way I [?]
Up one week, ain't slept one night yet
Eyes so red, ain't one white yet
Ain't never met a drug I ain't like yet
Never had a raw paper I ain't like yet
Never met a nigga I ain't fight yet
Never met a bitch I ain't swipe yet
They be askin' what's wrong with a nigga
I'm crazy, ain't find nothin' right yet


[Verse 2: Young Dro]
I might be crazy, but bitch you're stupid
[?] and trick you goofy
I'mma show you how the [?] look
Bitch, put it in your [?]
Then I'mma show you what a brick is


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