Havoc - Life We Chose (ft. Lloyd Banks)

Life We Chose Lyrics / Paroles

[VerseAnnotate 1: Havoc]
Got these cowards out plotting on me, red dot for me
Blast 'em with the clapper, you know I keep the ratchet on me
All that beefing shit is corny, nigga, faker than Twitter beef
Your girl wants something realer so she's in my sheets
And I don't blame her, she rather be around this paper
Every move made is major, fuck a crib we buying acres
Sky's the limit, up above and way beyond you haters
I'm coming [?] better duck, out from under bushes
Like, "surprise, remember us?"
My music is the most [?] you'll ever [?],
Niggas wanna meet their maker I'm just here to hook it up
And when you get there just make sure to send him my regards
Lord forgive me for this shit these niggas got me on
I'm trying hard, so very hard
I pull you into beef that you can never squash

[Hook x2: Havoc]
This the life we chose, dealing with the life we chose
It's a cold world homie and it's only getting colder
Motherfuckers get their whole life froze

[Verse 2: Lloyd Banks]
This ghetto giving out scars [?]
I've always figured out a plan and trust the life suck
[?] erry day we had to climb through the dirt
Been around the world and back again

South Jamaica is my drive, watch your fucking own back
That's what it takes to stay alive

[Hook x4]

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