Hit-Boy - Somewhere In America (Remix) (ft. Rockie Fresh)

Somewhere In America (Remix) Lyrics / Paroles

We really just doing this shit
To piss you niggers off

Look, it’s that towel under the door wrap
Finding notices on the floor mats
Hundred dollar smoking fines
Can’t let’em blow my Hine
Cause I really can’t afford that
Versatility’s what we get for nigger
Check my Wiki nigger I’m jiggy nigger
And I’ve been eating good for a minute
They just started to get it
Feel like pussy sister
We never know what tomorrow holds
So I’m just in Toronto, what Toronto holds
Rhyme with the city’s old palmer
My thoughts is I need haggles

And really I got a new agenda
I heat it up, you niggers just some local December
I’m leaving dust like Arabian dust
The mad numbers you niggers missing like bad drums
I’m in America, where American bitches don’t eat
Italian lettuce and make you watch where you sitting
Reminisce of all the shit that you grew up in
You calling on me when you needed a shit
I’m busting that you’re busting me fuck

I into the air nigger
My team for the red nigger
Ridley to the Benz nigger
You niggers is fucked again

There’s no offence to the Os, but I got more haters
Than I got hoes
I just lied on that line before
You know these ladies treat me like a fine cigar

And I’m just smashing on the critics with…
See the thing is niggers talk before they listen
That’s the picture
Fuck it, let’s get off my genitals
I’m over the top and I’m ready to shoot

I just wish that I could’ve picked out entourage
I’m blowing out those so every thing I do is bombing
Every time I lose I turn a fool into a peep in time
…nigger for these boys
Probably cause his pussy is weak
You see it every time you meet
It’s nice camera action
Every time I rock this speech
See how did I get so high
That my hand ion Mars
And this bitch say her man not fair
When my shit get weak
I got candy bars
But her fingers still stay on my dick
Be patient
I’ve been looking for a lover to kiss
When I finish I get back to my grind
I gotta do it for …
My ice is always racing and
I’m about to take another level…
Is intact
Go to Fiji, learn the homies
Skill the map
I’m stumbling on honeys
While I’m sipping liquor
I get paid to ride kicks
I am not a kicker
I got these names ride …a lot of pictures
But if you real I got a blunt for you
And Imma pass it if you want to
Cause somewhere in America
…still smoking

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