Honey Cocaine - Honeydick [Lyrics/Paroles]

Honey Cocaine - Honeydick

Honeydick Lyrics / Paroles


Why you acting like a bitch be?

Telling me you miss me

Ain't my boyfriend your friend, boy?

Nig-nigga you shifty

No, you can't honeydick me

No, you can't honeydick me, yeah yeah

No, you can't honeydick me

No, you can't honeydick me, ohh

[Verse 1]

You look like a motherfucking uhhh

Posed to be his mothafuckin' bruh

I should slap you with the strap, no bra

Leave you eating through a motherfucking straw

Slidin' in my DM's like a fuckin' skateboard

With your itty bitty thang in your drawers

Breaking codes, nigga, you should break laws

That'll happen when you being fake cause

Fuck them, that's why I never ever trust them

A buster, your pop shoulda used a rubber

I told him watch out for the snakes, see a mamba

Mama's worried bout me, fuck drama

Up in a shilly, yup, fucking up some commas

Life is a beach and these niggas is piranhas

You don't get pussy, virgin like Madonna

Thirsty nigga, swear you was born in Uganda


[Verse 2]

Finally, this nigga gave up

Honey Cocaine made him hate drugs

Stomp fast, walked on him like a rug

Heart broke, listenin' to Drake's stuff

Tryna get my home girl but she don't like you

Snapshot and put you on the Gram is what she might do

Cold hearted, veins spilling like ice cubes

My team goons, motherfucker, we don't like rules

Moral of the story: don't try me

Real hoes and bros, the only thing around me

This nigga a shark, he prolly wanna drown me

Messy mothafucka washed up with no Downy

I really I ain't even tryna go in

But what would you do if he tried you and your friend?

His friend is my man so that mean he triflin'

To my boyfriend and, click clack, nigga lightning


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