Hopsin - Mr. Blackman [Lyrics/Paroles]

Hopsin - Mr. Blackman

Mr. Blackman Lyrics / Paroles

Hey Mr. Blackman
God never hand me that fruit
No one can hang with me

(Verse 1)
I feel like every move I make
This gonna be wrong
It’s like I don’t belong
I’ve never been in prison
But you’re thinkin’ that it won’t be long
Supersquar wrote this song
Sometimes I fell that when you stare me
You wish that it’s a noose I was chokin’ on
You treat me like a reckless dummy
Show no respect
I can't even take a breath
Without it changing your perspective of me
You always think that you're a step above me
My gear is fresh;
You think I'm dressing ugly
Guess it's just the essence of me

And I don’t know if I can take it
I can be on the block
Without being under surveillance
I hate it
And everywhere I go
I’m like a motherfuckin’ problem
Cause everywhere I go
These niggas think I’m gonna rob them


(Verse 2)
Cops always see me
Cavity searches whenever they see my crew comin’
Now I’m locked up
And I didn’t even do nothing
Can’t even get a decent meal
I got to chew rubbish
My girlfriend's white, her parents
Think I might hurt her
See I’m a nice guy
They treat me like I’m Ike Turner
They think I like murder
Like I'm a night lurker
Sayin' I don’t think this fucking guy is right for her
Can just live without getting judged
So I can live happily?
So what do I got to give
So I can get love
Im trying to be family
This shit is broken
I’m hopeless
When you grew up in a nice house
I was living with the roaches
I just need to focus
I know this
But how do I approach this?
I’m singin’

Hey Mr. Blackman
God never hand me that fruit
No one can hang with me
No one can hang with me

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