I-Octane - Geet Weh [paroles]

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I-Octane - Geet Weh

Paroles: Geet Weh


Gyal if yuh si a man and yuh want him geet weh

Yes, mi a tell yuh seh fi geet weh

A your body, your something geet weh

No bother follow no he seh or she seh
Gyal, no gi no man weh a eat hi

Just gi the tugs weh a beat hi

Gyal yo body waan loving weh fi sweet hi

Gyal don’t fraid fi geet weh
(Verse 1)

So gyal touch who yo waan touch

Touch who yo waan touch

Yuh no Juta but buss who yo waan buss

Tek a gyal man no care if shi waan cuss

Caw shi cyaa come touch
Mi tell yo this good gyal supn naw work again

So any man weh yo girt Caren

Fi come back fi the work again

Just waan give you the world fi spend
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

Gyal yuh have the wine wid the goods matter

That a macka, that a do yo action not allot a chat

And yuh no walk round fire one bag a shot

That’s why man a run yuh down like how ants follow fat

Gyal a your body you do anything weh yo want with it

A your body

So fi yuh book in a hotel and feel like fi tek in a the lobby

A your body, good glamity gyal yo have it pon the cabasarki

Bumpa kotch hi

Gyal a your body, you no tek chat from nobody

From you waan loving you haffi have hi
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)