I-Octane - Me Know Seh [Lyrics/Paroles]

I-Octane - Me Know Seh

Me Know Seh Lyrics / Paroles


One thing wi know seh a di cush meck wi float weh

From a coke wi a throw it weh

Cause wi naw play bosty

Wi bosty, wi know seh

A di cush meck wi float weh

From a coke wi a throw it weh

Cause we naw play bosty

Wi know seh wi bosty
(Verse 1)

Have it in a mi house in a mi dresser draw

Anytime mi stress yow mi take a draw

Yow di high grade mi couldn’t better than

Legalize it trust mi is a better law

Yow mi crush it in a mi hand till mi palm dem green

In a mi tea mi want that steam

High grade stink like when yo arm dem green

Stink a lida norts naw seen
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

Mi try cravinay an it no work

Mi trey BB an it no work

MI try new pert an it no work

Dem carry mi go a court an it no work
Anytime mi float up di lord mi go speak to

Yeh more time mi drop a sleep to

When mi seh mi love it a no tease mi a tease yuh

Frass yo left it yo need fi get a beating
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 3)

Yes mi high so high

Nuff think a plane when mi float by

Pagans puzzle waan know why

Am so high

Tell yuh from mi start cravenay no work fi mi

Hey dont bring BB tickle gimme

Anytime him si mi in a di road this mi always a sing hi
(Repeat Chorus)

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