Iamsu! - They Say (Yeah)

They Say (Yeah) Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]

I walk with a dip up in my swagger

Can't fuck with you rappers

All you rapper's actors

I'm the total package

I'm a cold assassin

Smoke a bowl of grass until the [?]

I just took a shot I think I went too far

I just popped a bottle I'm still at the bar

I don't pop no molly, left that in '13

Fucking up with checks over kick and jeans

I can't trust these bitches

I can't trust these hoes

Focused on my digits, gotta get my dough

I can't sign that contract

I can't sell my soul

I've been on that road ten thousand dollar shows

They say we wouldn't pop up, I'm dipped up in that new shit

Black bandana like 2Pac don't ask me where the juices

OGs in my city, I respect the movement

All these rappers they ain't near me, imitating Suzy


Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Ask her if she want to turn up with young Suzy, she say

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

I say can I bring my whole team in the building, they say

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Every time I hit the stage I make a movie, they say

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

We all black, we all black

[Verse 2]

Work stay on my guestlist there’s no unemployment

All these hoes for free, they here for your enjoyment

I do this full time now there ain't no need for practice

Once upon a time that hunnids in my mattress

All I do is turn up turn up on my haters

Can't do shit for free I do not fuck with favors

You ain't helping [?] you can't sit at the table

They say that I'm crazy, they say that I'm unstable


Cuban bracelet, cuban linx, change them ? for diamonds

All this [?] just to get this paper

Focused on progression, tryna switch my neighbors


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