Iamsu! - Wobble (ft. Show Banga) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Iamsu! - Wobble (ft. Show Banga)

Wobble Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: IamSu!]
Wobble that shit, wobble that shit wa wa wa wa
Wobble that shit, wobble that shit wa wa wa
Wobble that shit, wobble that shit wa wa wa wa
Wobble that shit, wobble that shit wa wa wa

[Verse 1: Kool John]
Shmop boy getting racks, getting racks
And I love to fuck a hood rat, that's a fact
I told her wobbledy-wobbledy wop
Shake that shit all on my cock
I am the buns lover, I am the booty cop
Do the Indy Dip, make that booty drop
Man them buns working, like they on the clock
In a different state, steady Richmond reppin' ho
You ain't sucking and fucking get to steppin' ho
I been trying to fuck since the first day
You in third you should be in first place
Baby got cake like it's her birthday
She don't make it shake, she make it earthquake
Gold chain keep me shinin'
Long dick you gotta climb it
I'm single, no main
Bad bitch on my dick, do yo thang
Do yo thang


[Verse 2: Kool John]
Girl, shake it
Don't break it
I wanna see you naked
Money straight
No braces
Small wallet
Big faces
Rich city
Go crazy
Full party
All ladies
One daughter
No more babies
Bitches love me
Niggas hate me
I wanna get that dough
Ten thousand for show
Hotel room, top floor
Yo bitch, she chose
She go low, limbo
I beat it up, Kimbo
Gold chains, we swing
Bad bitch on my dick, do yo thang do yo thang


[Verse 3: Skipper]
I fuck these hoes
Get paid, rock clothes
Still rep that gang
Heart breakers do yo thang do yo thang
Rich city where I be
Lotta cheese, lotta freaks
Lotta hoes in the club
Couple bottles and they all gon' fuck
And they fuckin' with the clique cuz we all got bucks
We be mobbin' through the city in them all black trucks
Shot by shot like panoramic
Now she got my soldier standing
Wilding out but no Nick Cannon
Had her on the phone, posing for the camera
Shake it like a dog, no you not an amateur
Put it down can't too many niggas handle ya
You gotta things a nigga tryna take advantage of


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