Ibn Inglor - Not My King [paroles]

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Ibn Inglor - Not My King

Paroles: Not My King

[Verse 1: Ibn Inglor]
Travel though the mazes run forward
Never let the darkness conjure up
Demons in the city will conquer
As long as there's no God to come fourth
Fighting for the freedom of all your
Children but believers are not sure
On which path is all for
For the people or the profit
The signs hella obvious
You ain't nothing but vultures
Exploiting the culture
You cannot control us
You will not destroy us
Your soldiers march
You are not a God
We are the chosen
Believe not in poison
But feel power through you
Your soul is too true do not disown it
Just own it now

[Hook 1: Ibn Inglor]
You are not my king x3

[Verse 2: Ibn Inglor]
I see bombing I see children dying
But we can stop this, be very cautious
War is coming, stop the violence
Stop the killings, cause I see evil all round us
It's so deceitful this world is cold
In it's darkest hour we come together
Hold our own and hope for better
Through all this pain and all this darkness
We can change we all are prophets
All our sins through all our problems
This world is burning all our profits
I can see who all are heartless
And best believe we all got heart bitch now

[Hook 2: Ibn Inglor]
You are not my king x3