Iggy Azalea - D.r.u.g.s [paroles]

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Iggy Azalea - D.r.u.g.s

Paroles: D.r.u.g.s

tire marks tire marks , finish line with the fire marks when the relay starts ma run away slaves master

shittin on the past gotta spit it like a paster , after dasher did like doe like dasher , faster motorbike faster

iggy gotta get a bitch , watch for my ratruewhite be swagg boutta blow like wind , penthouse two rooftops at the wind ,

disdamage ya thats my protocall dismantal ya hustler lands on slauson , no camera i dont care who you are . no condom rap gotta give it to you raw ,

pitchfork point , can you pass me the joint. gotta twist this beat , ima sprain my joint . straight , crack , rock

gone to the pop pop poom . on trigga rap city no tigga , yeah shawty do it illa , im raw no digga , plus my muthafuckin

sowe the game up , staple up in a stich , click click pow , drugs game my click . look at my heels , LV on it .

ignorant art , everyboddy on it . everybody want it . 666 . gotta 3 car garage drive way be the omen

boss like cowen , hate me , coach reachin in 3d cant see me , pockets fatter than a h3 , i dont see ya like mase me

uhn , D.R.U.G.S CLICK oh and we on hater . on these hoes head no activater . chors fucks up when you activate her

cause im goin in with my hand raised , boutta smack smack smack till my hand cave . on a bitch made , honey im paid

better than ya girl , and the beds make you cummin , chucka ress unless its sex no less . ima fuck the whole game

im best , wit my strap on my vibrator , bout to bust a rhyme no violater , courts know i feel my self , ima masterbater

like uhn uhn UHN fuck me fuck me , now im off beat my head hurts , i murks shit , i gets paper , wash my mouth

i curse like a sailor . BITCH