Ishawna - Private Mi Page

Private Mi Page Lyrics / Paroles

Mi nuh batter ears
Mi nah look no bwoy fi raise
Get over yourself youth
A nuh every gyal out ya bestitute

You block me, but you still alert
@mslegendary inna your recent search
You cyan style good pussy gyal, a me delete you first

[Verse 1:]
If Instagram fi tell me who visit mi page di most
Your name would a deh up a di top
Your mouth a water, fi di pretty picture weh mi post
You a pree say mi batty get fat
You waan have a million gyal, and if me have two man
You a scream, How me fi do you dat?
'Memba woman a gi' man restraining order
Before dem a delete and block

Bwoy gweh! gwan go do weh you a do
You wouldn't lose this if you'd a do weh you fi do
Gweh! gwan go do weh you a do
Say, you nuh inna me but, a me nuh inna you
You better stop smoke bush weed
And go look high-grade fi buy
You nuh sound educated, you sound like some ignorant guy

[Verse 2:]
Right now, mi private mi page
Mi life haffi change
Mi nuh see you, so right now blind with me shades
Tek weh yourself, with your dutty ways
Mi nah look no bwoy picky fi raise
A ego make some bwoy do things and then sorry back (sorry back)
You come a chat 'bout delete and block, and still up inna DM's and mi Snapchat
That's why me tell a bwoy

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3:]
I care zero, my current situation
Feelings fi a bwoy, gone pon vacation
Dem have a God complex, but mi know, nuff a dem a Satan
Mi know your heart locked up like Akon
Cah you nah get no more invitation
Stop follow me up
You can't keep up, but you want a Kardashian

[Repeat Chorus (2x)]

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