J. cole - Can't get enough (ft. Trey songz) [Lyrics/Paroles]

J. cole - Can't get enough (ft. Trey songz)

Can't get enough Lyrics / Paroles

Now I ain't got no kids yet
But this right here's for practice
I hate to get the seats in the back wet
But that's how good your ass is
Make an old man get his glasses
Make Wesley pay his taxes
Then follow your moves all week on Twitter
Probably make a gay nigga reconsider
You're now rocking with the best mayne
Dress came down to the sex game
Won't... with a boy been blessed mayne
Don't you play with a stick oh...
She calling she texting she's falling but let me explain
Gotta tell your old boyfriends...
Cause a nigga don't play them ex games no
Straight sexing, no handcuffs or arresting
And I ain't coming off of my last name cause I really can't take no stressing
About where I done been, who I done hit
Your homegirls say he a bad boy
But I'm signed to The Roc no time for the gossip
Bitch put down them tabloids

She said I heard you got a main chick
A mistress and some hoes
You been up to no good
And everybody knows
My homegirls try to warn me
They try to let me know
What you got, I need a lot
So I can't let you go
She said I can't get enough, can't get enough
I can't get enough, can't get enough
I can't get enough of what you got
Good god you hit the spot
Tried to let go but I just cannot
So don't you stop
I need that

Hey globetrotter, Cole hotter even way out in London town
Hoes holla cause they love my sound
And I got love for the underground
Kweli, Pimp C, H-Town with Bun B now
Met a bad bitch that'll cook all night
That'll suck all night
You just cut off lights

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