J. Cole - Lil Niggaz [paroles]

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J. Cole - Lil Niggaz

Paroles: Lil Niggaz

[Verse 1]

Yeah, Ain’t nothin but to do it, Nigga that’s true

A quarter milli and a Buick, Nigga guess who?

It came to me like the dream that I once had

Niggas said I couldn’t do it, then I bust through

And now I’m flying worldwide, singing rap songs

Fucking all the bad hoes that I once knew

And busted nuts for all the times I was shitted on

See now it was once fuck me, now it’s fuck you

Clearly, now hear me

Back with a vengeance, hope you niggas feel me

Cut me deep and know it hurts severely

I’m a forgiver, I still love you dearly, sincerely

It’s Truly Yours, bout to stack another quarter milli

Nigga got a quarter milli, don’t be silly