J. Cole - Maine On Fire [paroles]

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J. Cole - Maine On Fire

Paroles: Maine On Fire

[Verse 1]
Maine on fire – my empire be higher
Than an octave on Mariah, you niggas should worship sire
Your crew holding dead weight like a fuckin’ hearse’s tires
Meanwhile I’m like the flow diversifier, verses flyer
Gave you truth at a time when niggas prefer the liars
I was David promising the world that I’mma serve Goliath
Then I… swam with sharks, made it to the land and park
My dick in bitches with intentions sick as satan’s worst desires
Hell of a intro, speedin’ through this life at a hell of a tempo
With my head out the window
20K in my pocket as I’m feeling the wind blow
And I ain’t had a wallet since Nintendo, comprendo?
Orchestrating these capers, watch my paper crescendo
I used to wanna save the world, now all I do is spend dough
‘Til I snap back like Hov’s hat
Now I’m back with this big black strap like “hold that”

Maine on fire…
Top down, bitch, I ain’t no liar
Henny on the rocks, and plenty on the watch
Middle fingers to the ones who say we can’t go higher
Maine on fire…
Every weekend, see my name on flyers
Henny by the shots – many bottles pop
And if she say that she ain’t let me she a doggone liar

[Verse 2]
Blaow! We collect a hundred thou’
Getting over on promoters, might as well say “run it now”
I was such a cunning child
The one your girl mama wish she brought back home instead of you
The one your mama glad you hung around
Cole a charming nigga that can harm a nigga
Chest out in your ‘hood like I walk around with armor nigga
But it’s just me and all my niggas and we fuck the baddest
Bitches on the planet witnesses this is hustle at its -
Finest, ’cause while you niggas chase vaginas
We just let the paper blind us while vaginas chase behind us
What? Take notes, make money, don’t make jokes
‘Fore master grab his rope and make us all scapegoats
Real shit, but if the world really ’bout to end
You might as well let my nigga Craig out the pen
Pain so deep the words bled out the pen
And Maine, don’t sleep nigga, I win then come again