J Dilla - Give Em What They Want [Lyrics/Paroles]

J Dilla - Give Em What They Want

Give Em What They Want Lyrics / Paroles

See, I know how they want it
They want it grizzly!
Yeah, ay, where you headed?
Is it north? South? Uh

[Verse 1]
'n' all they sayin' is bad, J. Dilla bad like [?]
Stay in the lab
Quick to tell bitches bout my motherfuckin' tim size, 8 and a half
See, they wonder how I'm makin' my math
Or why I be makin' my path to the place where they be shakin' they ass
Or spittin' dope on a hope, Rollie and a Rov'
When it's over, no Rov', hog's takin' a cab
Then they call me, sayin' they mad
And then call me, playin' with they pussy while they takin' they bath
Cause they know

Give em what they want (x8)

[Verse 2]
Yeah, uh
It's the capital "D"
The "i" to the "l" "l"
The "a" to the bank and the [?]
I'm straight with the cake so I buy what they sell
They see me blazin' the hay, be high as [?]
Won't come in on the average radar
But will come in a bitch mouth if she wanna take it that far
She a gangster, J start breakin' they heart
Breakin' they backs, a gorilla pimp, taking they scratch
And I make them attach to the good thing straight from the back
Straight from the front, love to give J what he want
Known for shakin' they wrists, and makin' them sick
Then takin' they grip and payin' them wit it

Give em what I want (x2)
Give em what they want (x7)

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