Ja Rule - 100000 [paroles]

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Ja Rule - 100000

Paroles: 100000

See I never left,
These niggas did they best,

My s**t is authentic, demand’s knocked off
Imitations, time to real up, gotta get that dough
When the stars form with no cut

… 100 000 trim…
and that’s before lunch, I call it crunch time
I hop up out my bed and then one of my cars
But where I’m going…cause I don’t need roads
n***a cause I be flying as high as the heavens soar
Check in my automo, the time froze up
So I guess I’m stuck on swagg up till the…out
Niggas … but still find the strength… my glass up
Auch, yeah, it hurts just a little
But they say that my ego is bigger than…
So I probably wouldn’t sit well with Beyonce either
Like trying to fit 3 in a 2 sitter
I’m a darling divas, want me to read them
But they hate it when I tell them that s**t s**t read beat it
… my money’s in the millions
… 100 000 trim…