Jabee - Exhausted [Lyrics/Paroles]

Jabee - Exhausted

Exhausted Lyrics / Paroles

My name is Jabee
No y
By the terror I excersize
And pressure i apply
Paralyze lines writen
Fightin rhymes I agonize wit
Trynna analyze it
So Antagonizing
Ima baptized prince
Trynna baptize crips
I was raised in a hood where they chastise men
So my mastermind went to mastodon existent
My Babylon gifts so catastrophic
Look you measure God by gifts u receiving
I measure God by the fact I'm still breathing
Potent when I vocalize
Mobilize my mind that's a train of thought
Caught between the pain saw
Take it all wit a grain of salt
Sometimes I can't figure out what to do
My life is a glass house and they watchin my every move
I jus want to be what I would love
Never look in the mirror and dispise what I've become
Because whatever was
Somewhere lost in the fads
Or on death row lost in the gas
Trynna duplicate the past
Fred Hampton wit a sag
Langston Hughes wit a pad
Sad they wanna see me
In a coffin body exhausted resting in peace

Just trynna figure out my situation
Get inspiration be patient and then situated
Every word is a illustration
Expressive narration how I over came it
Took the gang banging tried to elevate it
I got homies who don't never see their mothers faces
Or the light of day but can't help but crave it
Cuz I kinda feel the same
Feelin like a begger out here asking for some change
Strange trynna keep my mind focus
My mom broken gotta keep her 9 loaded
Bumpin ice cube trynna decode it
Chuck D said i could change the world
Trynna change myself and let the world react
If they don't like it they can change it back
Seem sima 40 acres a Beamer
Just a dreamer wit a dream
That don't feed the need
Or kids I breed
Prolly never see a million bucks
You only live once I'm trynna live it up
Ain't nothin u can tell me
Sittin sideways bumpin Makaveli
They might know my name they don't really know me
Might got my numbers we ain't really homie
Homies that wanna see me
In a coffin body exhausted
Resting in peace

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