Jadakiss - Big Boy Dialogue (ft. The-dream) [paroles]

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Jadakiss - Big Boy Dialogue (ft. The-dream)

Paroles: Big Boy Dialogue

[Intro: The-Dream]
All my niggas, get your figures
And all my bitches, work that body

[Verse 1: Jadakiss]
Yo, boss talk, nigga -- start the car, let the Porsche talk
Crib big as AC, yard like the boardwalk
Models in the master bedroom, get your cough on
Haze lit, kush lit, I move and I push ish
I could send niggas to war like George Bush did
LV gators on, 20 G footprints
Top 5, I could give a nod and the shot fly
I was in the drop top when I dropped by
You know it was a 2014
The work is white, but the money is all green
Big boy dialog
All the real niggas with integrity and respect
And salute, I admire y'all

[Hook: The Dream]
Furs to the floor, Ace in the glass
Been out all night, grabbing on
Riding round getting it
My own bitch mad, I’m way too rich to be acting like that
She got an attitude, I used to love her
But now she mad at me cause I don’t love her
Heat the cold room like I’m fresh out the stove
Wired like I’m on that blow
Fur down to the floor, yeah, yeah
Fur down to the floor
Me and my bitch, fur down to the floor

[Verse 2: Jadakiss]
I got the perimeter covered
It's what the thugs die for, but the women'll love it
Hands on with the people, I blend in with the public
Lyrically nobody equal, that’s the end of the subject
That money still coming, them packs ain’t slow up
They try to implicate me, but the facts ain’t show up
It’s simple, all you gotta do is ask -- they know us
Rocking that new ish before the racks even go up
They lust 'im; the attitude came from customs
Andy Warhol, Dom P's and mushrooms
Yeah, and if it’s good, buy it all
Desert Eagle firearm, big boy dialogue


[Verse 3: Jadakiss]
Yo, my dialogue is Damier,
Red bottoms and mamis that wear Cartiers
Racks in the club if I party there
Bricks from Enrique’s little brother named Javier
Italian whips laced with Versace seats
Got more ice than a hockey meet
Yeah, we could do this shit properly
You could buy a block, learned that from Monopoly
Your girl getting top from a girl while she topping me
Top five dead or alive, no stopping me
Big boy dialogue, look what you'll never find
A flier don, trying to get money like Viacom