Paroles: Blackout

She still got my heart (Oh)
We loved at fourteen now, we don't even talk
Ooh love, play you song on the Hill at the car (Ooh, woah, oh)
Streetlights from a far kinda feel like the stars

[Verse 1]
Now you put one in my stomach, girl
I don't really know who you are
Got dropped by you runnin' girl, need to be here when I fall
And I'm dying 'cause I can't beat my apologies to the family
Just you, no plan B, we don't work it out, why can't we?
I'ma leave you to the gods
Let this drop, do you feel me now?
I drip and race with the sauce, since then I ain't leavin' the house
I keep up my guards

[Chorus 1]
She still got my heart
I only think about you when it's dark
How come your marriage is falling apart
No, no, oh, oh
No, oh

[Verse 2]
And I'm, big boss, hosh posh, talk, fuck
Now it's fuss and we fallin' from the sky
All in Abbey Road road, trip and fall
Just so I can go and ask her why tonight
She never replied
I don't want your tears 'cause I finna cryin'
Individuals tryna get close, man I'm just so fuckin' gone tonight
She tried to stay close, on her tippy toes
'bout the freakin' on roll on the five
Send me [?] rollin' all night

[Chorus 2]
She still got my heart
I only think about you when it's dark (No)
How could you let us just fall all apart (No)
Now it's gone, [?]
I'm on this road, of course I'm all alone
All of it's gone, also thought you'd know
I'm on this road, of course I'm all alone

Look where you are [?]
Lookin' for my baby, my darling
She still got my heart

No tell 'em come right now, don't even worry 'bout that
No I pulled it I pulled it in the other one, that's-
No that's why, that's why I walk around with it
No, somebody comin' right now [?]

[Verse 3]
Lost boys never find home
Couldn't tell you places I've gone
Every night a different fuckin' time zone
She don't believe in alien, hear six million tons of limestone
I swear they never listen
I woke up trippin'
They need to see my inventions
All myself, I don't vent here
Abigail always listens
Fairytales, premonitions
I was gettin' too specific
I had to shoot the dimension
Atlantis is in the Pacific
Panic the shit is prolific
Take a canvas and a canister, then it vanishes, shit is terrific
All my chick they all lipstick
I just cut my heart in three full pieces, I'm 'bout to see who [?]
All of us more like we doin' a kickflip
I fall in abyss and suddenly miss it
But fuck I'm onto some next shit
I need to get back to the flex and collectin' the checks
Get em' out of the section
When I see my whole egos in question
Man I hate how the people digest it

Next time you shoot me, just me sure you actually k**l me
So I don't have live with this murder too aesthetic confusion
For the rest of my tormented life
You still got my heart

[Beat Switch]

Ha, ha, ha
I'll be your boy when the rain falls
I'll be your man when the snow dries
You know what I came for, girl I just move on my time
You, you the one that's been runnin' on my mind
Say she love me and say you was number one
I just got my eyes on you (You)
Every night she party in the Hills
Hangover just to see if we can feel
When I drive by your house, girl it still feels real
Said she love me, is that you or is that the pills
With my lyrics, sippin' pink Benadryl
I don't really got the time put my eyes on you
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