Jah Vinci - Ghetto Youth Rejoice [paroles]

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Jah Vinci - Ghetto Youth Rejoice

Paroles: Ghetto Youth Rejoice


And mi seh youths rejoice

Youths rejoice

Jah save wi life

A Jah save wi life
Mi seh mi waan si the youths rejoice

Youths rejoice

Jah save wi life

A Jah save wi life

And even tho it hard mi still naw seh mi salt yeh

Man a pray fi weh mi want

All when mi life tough like asphalt

Yeh, Jah man a pray to when mi chant
And even when it tough yeh, mi still naw turn no cruff

All when the dutty getting tough

Mama seh from there is life, there is hope

Left dem a wonder how the ghetto youths a go
(Verse 1)

A no money dem after, thank God mi real friends deh yah

The one weh hold it out through the weather

When dem si the disaster real like genuine leather

Caw dem naw drop yuh off a the ladder

A that’s why ghetto youths rejoice

A nough time wi cry and Jah wipe the tears from wi eyes

St. Vincent a 8 a wi people dem die

Don’t worry cause dem gone to the most high
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

Bossy a cry, man a cry when mi a write this

Freedom of speech so mi naw hear unuh voices

Mama feed are youth dem so a who invite the mices

Wi tired a the hard life, yeh wi tired a the crises

Babylon dutty ears naw go like this

Tell dem seh fi drop off some a the tax dem off the prices

And ghetto youth don’t kill yo friend dem fi wear the nikes

Jah love is better than the sun weh shining

Youth seek Jah love and you will find

Jah is so divine, Jah is so divine

Jah is for you and jah is mine

Jah is surly mine, Jah is surely mine
(Repeat Chorus)