Jah Vinci - Ghetto Youths Be Strong [paroles]

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Jah Vinci - Ghetto Youths Be Strong

Paroles: Ghetto Youths Be Strong


Ghetto youth be strong, even tho wi suffering for a while

No one to save the juveniles

Ghetto youths there is love that is pure as the river Nile

But only when you search then you'll find

Jah love is so divine

And all when it rough wi a smile cause dem no know the joy wi find
(Verse 1)

Mi a tell yo seh mi never left school wid no proper achievements

Teacher tell me focus ghetto youths can achieve best

Him seh fi look out fi haters and pretends

If yuh no water the root yuh no have no system

Look out fi the Judas and the Peter them

The one weh a wait fi yo pop down fi yo no see him again

Just look out caw no love no in a them

All friendship cut off cause dem wi tek yo life fi piece a blem
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

Jah, Jah, show mi the way so mi can walk wid yo

Spend a likkle time fi talk wid yo

Mi si yo naw give thanks fi wa the lord give yo

But all when mi no have hi no

Jah a the first thing paw mi mind when mi wake up

When babylon a try fi arm mi dem get shake up

Dem come fi mi life in a dem group all when dem pear up

Tell dem wi naw give it up, Jah lift me up
(Repeat Chorus)