Jah Vinci - Love My Life [paroles]

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Jah Vinci - Love My Life

Paroles: Love My Life


Mi no have no worries

Mi no have no time fi nobody

Mi a cry, tek care a mi family

So tell mi true friend dem stay real

Cause no care weh the wicked dem a seh

Thank God everyday when mi wake up

Caw mi love my life

Me love my life
And all a who a try stop mi in a mi way

A prayer a go chase dem away

Caw wi burn badmind

Mi seh wi burn badmind
(Verse 1)

Hear mi no Nutron

Mi feel happy and mi heart have a new song

Tell dem stay far mi no waan no confusion

Cause yo best friend wi sell yo out fi two grand

But jah yo never know weh yo do when yo give mi the light

Cause a my life dem waan fi blithe

Meck more money enjoy mi life

Badmind wi no like
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

Tell dem stop gwan like dem heart big

A my grave dem well waan fi start dig

Every morning before mi foot dem come off a mi bed

Is a psalms my day haffi start wid

Yo no haffi ask if a jah, jah, wi a walk wid

Because a nuff pass and gone but wi a gwaan live

Careful dem wi hang yo, a no Nintendo

When yo hear brains get blow out like Carthage
(Repeat Chorus 2X)