Jah Vinci - Love Song [paroles]

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Jah Vinci - Love Song

Paroles: Love Song

(Verse 1)

Shi broke my heart

Shi broke my heart

And I promise my self that I will never love no more

Since she broke mu heart

Shi left it on the floor

And baby I know that it hurts you

When am being so insecure
You know my heart is locked away

Why would yo wanna share my pain

Only give you want it, want it

Girl I'll try to love again

Only if you want it, want it

Girl this feel as one more day
Maybe we could dance to a love song

baby we can dance all night long

Dance until I feel the earth to go on

And be with you
(Verse 2)

So baby just hold me and tell me that we will be together

Forever, forever, we will be

And I will be there for you baby

Just trust me I need you guarantee

I need love yea

Love that heals the heart

I need love yea

That makes me want a brand new start
(Repeat Chorus 2X)