Jah Vinci - Loving [paroles]

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Jah Vinci - Loving

Paroles: Loving


Mi tell her seh if a lovong yuh want

Mi a gi yuh weh yo want girl

And if a family yo need

God know mi wi meck yo bread wooy
Just wine fi mi slow

Like when yo tip pon yo toe

Gyal this yah love yah a show

And the world done know
(Verse 1)

Seh shi a the queen a the yard

Shi know how fi wine pon hi hard

Gone paw tour bout she want more

So mi buy her a ticket and seh come fi it abroad

Seh shi waan follow me everyweh mi go

Seh shi love hear mi voice in a the radio

Tell the DJ tun it up in a the stereo

Naw treat her red light no mary go round
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

Tip fi mi gyal

Just tip fi mi gyal

Drop set a door and likkle drip fi mi gyal

Show mi yuh have a tight, tight, grip fi mi gyal

And a deh so me want yo fi sit fi mi gyal

Tek off yo clothe gyal strip fi mi gyal

Wine to the top and then yo dip fi mi gyal

When mi draw yo in just tip to mi gyal

Caw yo know mi love da supn deh yuh give to mi gyal
(Repeat Chorus 2X)