Jaheim - Diamond In The Ruff (dooby Remix) [paroles]

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Jaheim - Diamond In The Ruff (dooby Remix)

Paroles: Diamond In The Ruff

Mmmmh diamond
Ohh diamond (diamond)

Diamond in da ruff
someone that you don't meet twice

We left the Brickz for the 'Burbs
turned Mo into Remy
matching fur coats and Fendi
from the bus to a Bentley coupe
with a closet full of shoes yeah

Than our smiles turned to frowns
ups turned to downs
I don't know where i'm going now
I think about her every once in awhile

We started out like Bobby and Whitney
Justin and Britney
Then it all got ugly
if it weren't for the money
you said i start actin' funny
but what's wrong witcha honey

then the good turned to bad
forgot what we had
is it to late to get it back?
I think about her
more than once in awhile

Like when i spot a rainbow
or see a fallin' star
a set of twins, or a classic car
a four leaf clover, or a two dollar bill
it's so rare that it's so unreal

And I don't know how to get over her smile
I wonder what she's doin (what's goin on)?
I think about her every once in awhile (once in awhile)

I should've came with a ring
set a date for next May
guess i thought that you'd wait
now I hate that I took so long
played around wit' her now she's gone

now my smiles turned to frowns, ups turned to downs
and i don't know where i'm goin (now now now now)
I think about her every once in awhile

We argued like Archie and Edith
like Ike turned on Tina
but I really didn't mean it
I was raised not to hit a woman
especially not the one i'm lovin'

but when the good turned to bad
happy to sad
I wish we could take it back(How I miss you baby
I think about