Jahmiel - Instant Disaster (ft. Popcaan, Tommy Lee & Notnice Diss) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Jahmiel - Instant Disaster (ft. Popcaan, Tommy Lee & Notnice Diss)

Instant Disaster Lyrics / Paroles

To all ma fucking enemies
Dem underestimate
Pussy dem a try test mi faith

[Verse 1:]
What if mi waan fi show the fucking world a better side
What if mi waan fi see the war thing, and step aside?
A nuh like mi cyaa mek no Beretta rise
A simple thing fi crack yuh fucking skull, like pepper light
See mi a easy, and never know a so mi bad
'Member mi roll with the bloodclaat Gully God!
Diss Jahmiel, pussyhole you mussi mad!
Dawg, you nuh see a sense dem nuh fucking have?!
Mi try fi build, and some pussy a try draw mi out
Middle day we buss dem head and that draw the crowd
A simple fucking thing fi left you marrow pon the road
Dem love fi chat, we put a shot in a dem horny mouth

Spanish Town, just tell some rookie chill
Patriots too bad fi some pussy kill
None a dem bombohole deh nuh start well
Dem nuh bad fi a represent Kartel

A mi strength, some bwoy waan live after
Dem never know a instant disaster
Dawg, mi get that from mi father
Never grow fi trace like no Shebada
From Riverly, to Tivoly
Tell dem, it hard fi get rid a we
Mi success a go mek dem sick a me
Dem a dump, ask Trump or Hillary

[Verse 2:]
Notnice, 'member the browning weh you a wife up?
You cyan control her, you give her knife cut
True she have yuh secret seh you like suck
Like you nyam front artist, weh a try buss
Inna the gang him a the tallest man
See a group a girls, and him waan the smallest one
Bombohole you a pedophile
Ladies watch you babies, 'cause him will tek yuh child

A next thing
From some bwoy go sing bout nappy
Dem a think 'bout batty
Pussy dem a try bring down Jahmi'
Tell the bleach out fish, try bring down bammy

[Repeat Chorus]

Notnice, you have yuh puppet dem a sing a bag of diss song
Tell dem find a fucking hit song, and stop sing fiction
You see wha' mi a say?
Man work hard fi this, dem pussy deh cyaa get no hype off a me
Know that
You done know a feelings you a carry, true mi never sign the contract
But 'member you did tell me say mi lose mi talent G?
So weh the badman thing fah now?
Joke this, where were you, pussy?
The same thing mek Alkaline cut him off
The pussy have a dutty heart, uh huh
Nuh even have no time fi bomboclaat this
Back to mi rassclaat album
Unuh cyan fuck up my street creds
Dem know great man as a youth weh hold real medz, you know?
Gunshot inna the freak head, the freak dead
Full him a grains like wheat bread
A hahaha

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