Jakk Frost - Beards R Us

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Jakk Frost - Beards R Us

Paroles: Beards R Us

This is hip hop progression, lyrical abuse
Of a new deadly weapon, the west philly version
Of a-track brown
Old school when I spit it, with that 8-track sound
Destroying competition is the subject of my composition
Upping nices, like may, stop look and listen
Upping rappers in submissions with my premonitions
Leave them like pete rock, over you, reminiscing
Niggas is bitching, my trigga finger is itchin,
My metaphors is crack, the studio’s the kitchen
Frost, see the gold man, welcome to the frozen fouls
The chose one, like Eddie Murphy in the golden child
Minus the leather Kufi, y’all niggas is really goofy
You be worshiping Gucci, I’m worshipped as a Suni
You be worshipin' Bedunia, this is your paradise
Angel of death will have you shoot like a pair of dice

Most of these new way rappers is overrated
And every bar that come out they mouth is fabricated
And when I say it’s garbage, niggas say that I hate it
Blow out candles like the birthday cake, have you belated
Lyrically, I’m seasoned, my words is marinated
Me and Frost from the same blood line but not related
We never say a word, whenever interrogated
So many bars in our battle, leave niggas incarcerated
Same niggs who punch you up gonn get you deflated
The big city get you dick heads castrated
Y’all niggas don’t listen, how many times I gotta say it
He on paper, don’t fuck with him, that’s the rules of engagement
My man Meek said Tana I heard you falling off
I go to work where all these niggas calling off
It’s a cocktail party and I’m serving the Molotov’s
The flow so tight, I should be yelling mazel tov
Ball so hard, I got a charlie horse
I’m in the hood serving niggas like a volley ball
Couple niggas is hating on me and it’s prolly on
I get you peeking while the track like a trolley car
Beard gang wolf pack I’m the alpha male
In that Audi 87 letting the fish tail
I’m in the kitchen frying flounder, fish scale
I bring it back to the oils then lost the shit sale
So many ways on my hand, you can see a ship sail
If I cock it, im faster than Rocket, Ishmail

Yo, my dialog will hit niggas like iron rods
I’m applying bars that hang and bang the final straw
This marathon like Farrkahn in the final call
Go to the fucky, sucking you grip me up a china Doll
You are cocaine and I am raw,
brick to a minor ball
This beard gang take a supplier yall
I open mouths with a wire jaw, you yell when the quiet roar
Was tied up on the cell when desire called
And on the tear the stamp is always sampled out
Look pussy, built like a horse, so you get trampled out
Exampled Out, Calm Down yo what you amped about?
????? Shit on the road, so get the pampers out

Beard gang, we eat rappers, I bring my apron out
Like the ceiling, we in the building, y’all niggas camping out
We cold lamping in the mansion in the Hamptons
In the hammock with your Mrs., got your main chick trampin' out
She know she ain’t coming out, if she crampin' out
I’m a ghetto boy, I rap a lot but I don’t dance a lot
Niggas bring that heating out, we’ll be waiting outside
Bullets flying, sling the iron like I’m lancelot
Just freedom of speech, I be speakin' what I think about
House clean, car clean, but I gotta stink them out
Test me, call Uncle Sus to bring them Hatians out
Cross me, get Yung E to bring them 'Ricans out
Same mouth that you speaking out
You be leaking out,
Blood like the faucet on, plus all of your teeth is out
I’m a boss, so I floss in that, dual exhaust 654 door new features out
Nigga ever try to creep me, I bring them creatures out
Jungle boys, we squeeze, even when police is out
Summer Street, 8th Street, Marshall Street Aki's that ride till our peeps is out, plus we got them pieces out
Beard gang, it’s the fully chapter, can’t forget about
My NY Aki's, ohio, and the dirty south
Michigan Aki's, C.I.G.M. Midwest, West Coast AKi's got the Purple Out
All these new rappers not thugs, they nerds, bunch of herbs gettin blunted, it's a hundred Steve Urkel's Out

Hold up, hold up, hold up, fray, you can’t be giving all these bars away
Just for freedom of speech man
We still gotta hit em with beard gang volume 1
Then you gotta say something for beard gang volume 2
The beards in the building volume 1,
Beard gang everywhere, yeah, bang, bang
Everywhere beard gang, from philly to Brooklyn,
To Atlanta, to Chicago, to Va, to L.A.
Jersey, to the middle east,
Egypt, libia, Saudi Srabia, Tunisia, abu dabbi
South London, Germany, beard gang everywhere
France, Pakistan, Morocco, beard gang everywhere
Palestine, dubai, beards r us, Istanbul, beards r us.

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