Jared Evan - Bad Guy [paroles]

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Jared Evan - Bad Guy

Paroles: Bad Guy


I can't wait here too much longer

If you and I are left alone

You won't stay with me much longer

Cause I'm the bad guy

[Verse 1:]

We don't wanna wake up here, you already know that

Everytime we fight we fucking go back to the same shit it was before

And I'm not calling you a slut or whore

But that doesn't mean you weren't one before

And when you leave, we'll probably break-up

Yeah, I got a leaf that Imma break up

Smoke it till my head is gone

Don't wanna beef with you, you're the sandwich that I put lettuce on

Get it, led us on

We did, we led eachother to a motherfucking ditch

Now were standing six feet below it, you don't know it

But you show that you're, still cold and old

Maybe we can get over this one day

Maybe we can take it off, like the runway

Still you gonna ask why

You point your fingers and you're calling me the bad guy


[Verse 2:]

Right, yeah I know you wanna say shit

I know you wanna tell me that you hate me and you wish I never make it

But I'm still sitting with you naked

Talking about life and what we make it

But, I don't seem to understand your fury

If there was a judge where the fuck is the jury

What did I do again, why are you yelling at me

Why does it seem that we're always fucking semi-happy

I'm sure that's a shitty answer, you're such a pretty dancer

I remember when we used to date

We would always fight in public

And now I can't think about anything but it

It's ironic the way that the world works

It's ironic the way that these girls jerk us around

I'm not trying to let you down

But somehow I always end up being the bad guy