Jared Evan - The Art Form (ft. Stella) [paroles]

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Jared Evan - The Art Form (ft. Stella)

Paroles: The Art Form

[Verse 1]

It's like this and like that

And like this and a chameleon flow

Observe how I switch it up

It's like I'm better than better could ever be

A higher pedigree, you're just a centipede

You'll never get ahead of me like cemetery

I mean like symmetry, you're gimmicky

Look at you, you'll never be able to mimic me

The best in the game, who the fuck is claiming that shit?

What type of trouble are you in? Patrick

And it's whatever, the Art Form of Whatever

Whether it rains, hails, sleets, snows or together

Augmented, authentic, aesthetic, I said it

I set the precedent way before any body has set it

It's Saul Goodman, I don't need no methamphetamine

I'm Heisenberg with these words, catching felonies

My purity is 99.9 percent

I don't rhyme just to rhyme yo I rhyme to vent

It's like...

(Forever, and forever.)

[Verse 2]

Back to the matter at hand

I damage your land

If you lose your cool then that means I took your fans

(Huh) I hope you understand my action, rations

Separate your spine from your back shit

Miraculous, triple stack it

I'm finna hack it

Put the flavor in your ear on some Craig Mack shit

Abnaxious, I mean obnoxious

I'm fucking toxic

Ha I'm illmatic

It was written that I'm Nostradamus

Yeah, and you ain't better than me

I'm Leonardo, you will never be a shredder to me

Inevitably, I send you where the sediment be

I sever the head of the devil with this heavenly heat

Yo, whenever the rhythm is coming and going

I'm someone that's sending it home

Whenever they're coming up over the beat

They better remember the tone

Yo, and it's just like that

It's the Art Form of Whatever so I write that, I write that

(Step into my world with me, it's better

Baby I'll give you the key


Feel what it's like to be free

Forever, Forever.)