Jay Whiss - Watch This [Lyrics/Paroles]

Jay Whiss - Watch This

Watch This Lyrics / Paroles

Watch this, watch this
Watch this, watch this
Watch this, watch this
All my bitches topless
Watch this, watch this

[Verse 1]
Tell me what the fuck you're in it for?
How some hoes come and go I just hope you got goals
Shit could get to your head, baby don't overdose
And make sure you're there when it matters most
Got a bitch to smile when she hand it to me
That's that shit that mattered to me, ain't no bone is fragile in me
I love money so much, that it's scary to me
Heart is cold as ever it is always january to me
I live my life like - eyes are always on me
That's why I don't never slip up, I don't never trust these bitches
Got a condo on the lake so I nigga could go fishin'
And don't bring your bitch where whiss is cus you know she might go miss it
Pull up with a bad one and she don't got no set
I'm stuck in my ways I don't never feel ashamed
Y'all niggas can hate us but you know you gotta rate us
Cus you niggas eat their pussy and these same bitches, they pay us

[Chorus 2x]
We been on that hot shit (Watch this, Watch this)
All you niggas guap-less (Watch this, Watch this)
All my bitches topless (Watch this, Watch this)
Wait until I drop this (Watch this, Watch this)

[Verse 2]
She said she was my bitch (Stop this nonsense)
I just want it top quick (Mission acomplished)
What's the meaning of this madness? (madness - madness)
All ya'll know what prime is (prime is - prime is)
There's nothing left to prove
Hottest in the city nigga, who would ever knew?
?? us suburban, we got bitches by the twos
Condo or the telly, dog, I tell em they could choose
Real recognize real and all the real niggas fuck with us
All brown hundreds huh get em in the abudance huh
Play this and they love it huh, you're who she got, I'm who she want
And I'm rolling four, five, six in a double up
Hermes hat like it's nothing, I
I can fuck with bitches that be bluffin', I
This shit was long anticipated
I even had my haters waiting

[Chorus 2x]

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