Jay-Z - Oceans (ft. Frank Ocean)

Oceans Lyrics / Paroles

Blessings, blessings yeaah

I see I Elephant tusk on the boar of a sailing lady I Docked on the Ivory Coast I Mercedes in a row
Winding down the road I I hope my black skin don't dirt this white tuxedo I Before the Basquiat show
And if so I Well-it I -it I Because this water drown my family I This water mixed my blood
This water tells my story I This water knows it all I Go ahead and spill some champagne I In the
water I Go head and watch the sun blaze I On the waves I Of the ocean

-boy still smelling like) I White boat white robe I Can he be more cleaner I The oil spill
that BP ain't clean up I I'm anti Santa Maria I Only Christopher we acknowledge I Is Wallace

I don't even like Washingtons in my pocket I Black card go hard when I'm shopping I Boat dock in
front of Hermes picking cotton I Sink and fleeces I Lay on mil Oh my-I hope y'all don't
get sea sick I See me in jyou never saw I If it wasn't for these pictures I They wouldn't see me at
all I Aww whole world in awe I I crash through glass ceilings I I break through closed doors I I'm on
the ocean I I'm in heaven I Yachting I Ocean 11


Me and Ty Ty is like Pablo and Popeye I Winding dirt roads on mopeds spilling opus I Welcome to

the magnum opus I The Magna Carta I The best-selling author Decoded I On the holiday playing
strange fruit I If I'm a make it to a billi I can't take the same route I Swoosh I That's the sound of
the border I Swoosh I Now that's the sound of a baller I ‘Hovi my back against the

rope The black Maybach I I'm back inside the boat I Shepard Fairey they finally gave me some hope
Can't believe they got -to vote I Democrat I Nope I lsold] I In trouble water I hadto
learn how to float I On the ocean I I'm in heaven I Yachting I Ocean 11


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