JD Era - That Ain't My Style [paroles]

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JD Era - That Ain't My Style

Paroles: That Ain't My Style


I won't really hide my face
'Cause that ain't my style
I keep falling down on my knees
Sometimes I know it's true
That this ain't my style

Career criminals understand my subliminal
Using minimal words, I paint visuals
The individuals hustling in the physical
Hunger pains make a grown man act miserable
Plus ... an original ...
Around here you only as good as the very last
So picture me the sea, seagulls checking the beat
My soul leap to the sea so I can get inner peace
Pray for a victory, no one in the game do cheat
Away form the misery, training is obsolete
A rapper with no rare sheet, but clear beat
Your backstreet man hip-hopping the back seat
They cruise through customs clear a pierce, cutless
We is supreme, my generation lack substance
It seems the braindead are amongst us
Zombies with firearms posing as youngsters


Scared of your shadow, I can tell you ain't prepared for battle,
Fuck beef, I want the whole cattle
You ... got your tails cut, last Sleepless in Seattle
Know you a snake, you don't need to rattle
That ain't my sty's though, I knock you down like a freethrow
You just wish you was a brother from E-low
My story ends with the green light scene low
No matter, glows travel anywhere that we go
It's T-O, I'm bigger than the broad eagle
See a nigga walk the other way like D-Boh
Better yet, take a knee like T-Bone
Give thanks to the God, proverb to the people
Style is thick, I rhyme different
Blew all the way to the top, Mahster said
Three bitches say building as pimping
And I don't break a sweat, I was built for the distance
Let's go!