Jeezy - Beautiful (ft. Rick Ross & Game) [paroles]

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Jeezy - Beautiful (ft. Rick Ross & Game)

Paroles: Beautiful

[Hook: Game and Jeezy]
I got a bad bitch from Vogue
Told her strike a pose
Step to the side and look at them thighs
That bitch beautiful
I got a Lambo, two doors
Two seaters, two hoes
Yokohamas, no Vogues
Man, that bitch beautiful
Champagne fountains, crib in the mountains
2-mile-long driveway
Man, that ho beautiful
I got a condo up in the sky
'Fore I fake it, I'd die
Foreign bitch, no lie
Man, that bitch beautiful

[Verse 1: Jeezy]
Came up in the projects, dreamin' 'bout them mansions
Wit' the coke white walls, flow like bowlin' balls
Murci in my garage, course it is supercharged
Wake up to a ménage, they give me a massage
Closet filled wit' designer, Donatella recliner
Suede headliner, all that whip in china
I ain't talkin' Sprite when I say I need soda
Bought my first Caprice, put fifty in the motor
Bricks they was beautiful, yeah, Mona Lisa
The streets introduced me to money, nice to meet ya
Ray Charles in these Ray Bans, why?
Touched them keys with both hands?
If I die, remember me like Don Killuminati
Bury me on the left, right next to John Gotti
Play nothin' but that Cocaine Muzik, that Yo Gotti
Tombstone ready, took shit from nobody

[Hook: Game and Jeezy]

[Verse 2: Game]
Mirror, mirror, in my garage
Tell me which Lambo I should park at the L'Ermitage
Pull up at the The Mirage, it's Phantom's and Mazi's
Out here, expensive taste, my car is camouflage
Speakin' of camouflage, RIP to Camoflauge
Just drove through Savannah, Georgia
That shit beautiful, and his .45 is unusual
Push your shit back like nail shops do cuticles
Snowman, tell these niggas that we livin' it
Front yard like a soccer field, and we kickin' it
Sick condos, pockets full of Rondos
Choppers wit' extended clips, long as El Segundo
Jeezy like Versace, so we rented out the mansion
Fuckin' European models, skin white as Marilyn Manson
Came a long way from a nigga first advancement
Test drive the new Bugatti, hold that bitch for ransom

[Hook: Rick Ross and Jeezy]
I keep me a jet model
Keep a black bottle
Meal ticket wrapped in plastic
That bitch beautiful
Keep some rose gold on my arm
Bottle of Avion
FNH with the drum
Man, that bitch beautiful
Baby girl she out of Broward
Smoove with powder
Tats on her neck, straight checks
That bitch beautiful
I got a condo up in the sky
'Fore I figured I'd die
Foreign bitch, no lie
Man, that bitch beautiful

[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
My Chevrolet a seven trey
Dade County dopeboy, I’m talkin' heavyweight
I hustle everyday
We squashed the beef to get the money
We set examples for rich niggas in Maserati's
My killers in the lobby
Bitches keep my name ringin' (Boss!)
Execute a nigga; Abe Lincoln
200 squares for the same ticket
Out in LA, I’m with my main bitches
Tiptoein' on marble, got me trippin' on these pain killers
I’m still the same, I never changed, nigga
Went from razorbladin' rocks, no more holes in my socks
Fuck her like a champ, got me livin' like I box
Sugar Ray Leonard, nigga, I just want the drop
First nigga with the Wraith, underneath the stars
Better look me in my face, tell the tears' for my dogs
Fuckin' the same hoes, but we got them different cars
Ugh! Beautiful, are my odds

[Hook: Game, Rick Ross and Jeezy]