Paroles: Suge Freestyle

Play for the foe, juug
Checkin' a bag, it's good
Dickies and diamonds, I'm hood
Stackin' the chopper, it's wood
Cancel that hoe, like I'm Nino
I had enough of that bitch
[?], I had enough of this shit

Thug motivation on Pelle, I got Barack on the celly
I want Jameika from Belly, I think a choppa my celly
Rappers notorious, BIG
Saving the grind, you dig?
Somebody give me a shovel, I'm 'bout to go chill with the Devil
I got a fetish for 'cane, you got a silverish chain
Children be playing them games, my 'rillas are doing this thing
They put the trap in the raps, I put put the trap on the map
Told 'em to cook up dope, you niggas just learning the ropes
Gangsta like Snoop in his prime, coupe do the Optimus Prime
Bald head galore, I'm rockin' that 2Pac Shakur
I live the life of a thug, nothing but choppers and drugs
You see me out in the club, baby come give me a hug
King of the jungle, the lion, can't blame these niggas for trying
I got success in my scope, I spread some Creed on my coke
Bitch I been running this city, you niggas holding it down
You know the trust in the Glock, and my bandanna my crown
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