Jeremih - Lil Freak Shawty [Lyrics/Paroles]

Jeremih - Lil Freak Shawty

Lil Freak Shawty Lyrics / Paroles

You know it's late and nothing to do
Wanna play a game with you
I don't plan to lose
I'm looking for a freak
Geeking on fleek in the sheets mama
All day, trick or treat, sweet
Go on eat, lil freak shawty

[Verse 1]
Champagne after games, they're pouring down on me
They asked me who I'm fucking, that's anonymous
Told me I'm the man and that just dawned on me
Anyway my dawg, just put a crown on me
Pour some champagne on her, that's that hourglass
Told her you got nothing to worry about my past
She know she lift her tee up, that’s gon' get me t’d up
That pussy get beat up in Pharrell Adidas
Where you get it from, I gotta thank your mama
I know your bloodline good cause your auntie got it
I know you’ll be one hundred cause your sister solid
Let’s make a movie, play your part
You're 'bout that action now


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