Jeremih - You & I [Lyrics/Paroles]

Jeremih - You & I

You & I Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Dave Tozer, John Legend & Malay]

[Verse 1]
You fix your make up, just so
Guess you don't know, that you're beautiful
Try on every dress that you own
You were fine in my eyes, a half hour ago

[Pre hook]
And if your mirror won't make it any clearer I'll
Be the one to let you know

Out of all the girls
You my one and only girl
Ain't nobody in the world tonight

All of the stars, you make them shine like they were ours
Ain't nobody in the world but you and I
You and I
Ain't nobody in the world but you and I

[Verse 2]
You stop the room when we walk in
Spotlights on everybody staring
Tell all of these boys, they wasting their time
Stop standing in line, cause you're all mine

[Pre hook]
And this evening I, won't let the feeling die
I never wanna leave your side


You keep wondering if you're what I'm wanting
You don't even have to try

You don't have to try
Don't try
Don't try
You don't have to try


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