Jesse Boykins III - The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years Lyrics / Paroles

We never get old

We just make mistakes

Sometime hesitate

Or slow our pace

We never die

We just paint the daze

With blue and greens

Masquerade in memories

I remember the our first kiss

Underneath the street light sky's

My nerve lost in your amber-ed eyes

A moment made eternity

These are the wonder years

We live to be young

We think we know it all

To fly to ever fall

Oh I swear we're 10 feet small

We think were so wise

Afraid to take a chance

Too scared to take a stance

For what we know it true romance

I remember the first day we loved

Memorized the real feelings of

Passion, never ending

These are the wonder years

Women, is something else

We can think of so many things at the same time

We have an idea and connect it with another one and another one

Its an endless flow of thoughts all the time

Yes, for example I am very messy in my thoughts

But I think its beautiful, you see the world with your heart

More than with your brain , somehow

These are the wonder years

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