Jevon Doe - The Birth [paroles]

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Jevon Doe - The Birth

Paroles: The Birth

[Round 1: Pat Stay]

Now since he dissed me y'all been asking

What's the story with me and Jeff

Well he told me he was sorry for what he said and he'd make a blog and clear it up but he didn't record it so we ain't friends

Now if he followed my instructions

He probably woulda won against Thesaurus but see instead

He let all that glory get to his and forgot about morals, loyalty and respect

Hey, y'all remember this shit?

Remember this?

"Yo look at yourself you're a fucking wreck

Man you must have some pathetic sex

Drenched in sweat, hand against his chest

Trying to catch his breath like 'just a sec'" - right?

Coughing and bitching

Trying to follow the rhythm in the most awkward positions

Constantly getting that crampity leg trying to walk it off limping

Stopping and popping his hip in, going soft every minute

See that's how that line was supposed to sound

Before Hollohan bit it!

Am I lying? And you say you write my shit? Yeah right

I can't even show my raps to Jeff

Shit I be telling him one of my new lines and

He'd be like "hold up let me grab a pen"

Puts his own little twist to it

Somehow incorporates crack and meth, adds Tourettes

A teaspoon of steroids, a thousands reps

? death

Always growling and yelling shit like are we rapping or wrestling?

He screams loud cause deep down he's sad and affectionate

The same passive aggressiveness he battles depression with

He raps like that to distract the fact he's fragile and sensitive

Pumping adrenaline yelling on that aggressive and hype tip

Rapping about smoking crack, shooting Heroin and railing that white shit

You sniff coke through the pen that you write with

So your lines are just a story on how pathetic your life is

See Jeff's the most insecure little girl in the world

I've known him since he was like 12

Don't believe what he tells

He just wants you to think he's crazy and evil as hell

He's been a liar his whole life, he'd never fight

All he'd ever do is scream and just yell

It's crazy, history has a strange way of repeating itself

[Round 1: Hollohan]

Pat! Pat! Yo!

You say that history repeating itself, let me show you how I shine

You just proved you can't get through a verse without using one of my lines

See, I'm a legend back for street shit

You for making people laugh so I got presidency

If I stuck around, no one would've given a fuck about you in the Elements League

You my little brother, so just destroy you, I didn't bother

It's weird how you're my Mini Me but you're 5 inches taller

You straight shook

Animated comedian like Dan Cook

I just seen on Facebook that you're in a relationship, with Facebook

See in raps and real life you always say shit like "Does that hurt your feelings? I don't care" , like Pat rides from the hood

But it's weird, it really reminds me of those vids on the web with that black guy in the woods

So when you base your whole life persona, off of some Youtube video

Now tell me Pat, is that unforgivable?

And since you tall you're whole life, people always coming with the questions

"How's the weather up there?"

Take a look, fucking ugly and depressing

Your boss at the convenience store tells you not to talk about rap there

You get caught he runs from the back like "Pat, what did my ass hear? Sucker free what?"

*sigh* , "Sorry Sir, sucker free cashier"

And when you say you west coast set dippin'

Well that's something that you not

The only west coast Pat ever listened to was 'Dear Mama' by 2pac

So even as a crack fiend, Patty

You always was a drag queen, Patty

See, I'm trying to understand that for a woman it ain't easy trying to be a man

Yo, yo. You used to be my wingman

Help me with the pussy I'm grinding

Told me I'm a dope rapper and even pushed me with rhyming

I guess it's true what they say

With every great man there's a great woman behind him

You can't fucking fight you crazy frail

You chuck a right and break a nail

See, before you started tanning you was white for a while

That little man on the crosswalk thought you were biting his style, wow

You such a wigger you go to bed with a suit and cane

Xbox live username 'Gucci Mane'

Yo, you a crying complaining little bitch, while I show no emotion

Now you can bring some pride back home to the Nova Scotians

Since you finally arose to the challenge and faced a dope opponent Patrick

[Round 2: Pat Stay]

Straight up, Thesaurus is right

And I swear on my life this is true

And it's time you people should know this

He had "White Pride Worldwide" tattooed on his back with the Iron Eagle below it

But when you meet him for the first time you probably just think he's a nice guy

Till you go to give him a hi-5 and he's like "Wooo, White Pride"

And when he raps about beating women he means it literally

He used to send his girl home with her mouth split every week

Putting makeup on her bruises and making up excuses for them cause if she didn't he was giving her heat!

Too scared to tell anyone

But she'd always be hinting at it subliminally

I'd be like damn what happened to your eye?

She'd say "pff, beats the shit outta me"


Yo he mad right now

Look, he's mad right now

One of your girls about to get stabbed right now

He wants to drop an N bomb sooooo bad right now

You better start screaming that ass off loud and, act all wild

Cause other than that you're just a fucking meathead that has no style

See my style's magnificent, swag dripping, I'm way too smooth y'all

The white Snoop Dogg, I can moonwalk with steel toe boots on

Test this, I [don't] give a fuck which hand he's best with

I'm ambidextrous, slick with the left and the right

If this man's infectious, I'm an antiseptic

And how you gonna call yourself God

Shit if he got nailed to a cross he'd fucking

Rip it off, light it on fire and stick it in a black guy's front lawn

Hey wait, wait, wait

Picture him, picture him

Like picture him running up the stairway to Heaven like Rocky

Taking his 'roid shots

Then a couple, couple of brothers roll up to Heaven's gates and he's like, *sound of shotgun being cocked* , "You boy's lost?"

Man, he'd have the whole spot locked down

Yo, man he'd have the whole spot locked down

Just a gang of Vikings and white men

If you're caught rocking a sag or talking in slang he'll strike you with lightning

Then I stroll through like "What's up sucka?"

You wanna fight man? It's on

I'm the motherfucking truth I'll put my right hand to God

You want a minute and 30 second rounds? Fuck it

You're digging your own grave you can give him a whole day

Unlimited minutes I'm in it to win it I don't play

I'm Pat Stay, so sucka free it's disgusting

You can't fuck with me, I've been in this bitch

If it wasn't for me you'd be nothing

[Round 2: Hollohan]

Yo. You were the real racist in our crew

And tried to hide it just cause you have a black barber

If the brothers really knew how you felt back home they'd dump you in the Halifax harbour

And you say you beating me in a fight?

Pat you wouldn't have the slightest chance

We can all tell that you can't fight from the way you hold your elbows out in the magazine cover's fighting stance

So in the past, you'd see Jeff masked, violent robberies

You wouldn't even trespass on private property

If I was a compulsive lier, I'd say you'd be successful in life

But you'll always be a joke, like a reflection of the contents that you write

So I'll wait to your grown, married with kids

Show up at the stage? that you live, appear in your crib

High off a Heroin binge and drink every beer in your fridge

Come on Pat, don't act like you better man

We both smoked crack from them same old Pepsi cans

That, that bitch Devon Stone used to live with me

He moved out and was in with you the next Tuesday

Proving you don't only use my leftover rhymes, you use my leftover roommates

So I'll come to your new living room

Shit on the floor like I wasn't toilet trained

Start screaming at the fucking top of my lungs till my voice is strained

Throw the largest pot in your apartment and just destroy the place

Till every fucking neighbour in the building files a noise complaint

See, we been hanging steady since grade 3

Bruised elbows and scraped knees

My fam' was eating Filet Mignon Grey Poupon

You was baked beans and KD

The days we blazed weed, take E and break B

Shit Pat wasn't even in his first fight till he wa...

Well, Pat's just never been in a fight

See, cause when you that big

People just assume that you tough

Unless you getting Pat to sucker someone then he's useless as fuck

The only time I seen you toss a punch

Was once when you were sloppy drunk

You got worked by a guy who was 5'5''

I almost fucking lost my lunch

Real life, that guy's name was Matt Molmer

He stretched Patty Stay out like a motherfucking Ab Roller

And you say it's the west coast you ride

So how could you be east coast and show Scotian pride

I know you lie so I'll stick needles in both your eyes

Stab you in the chest with a crucifix Pat

I will cross your heart and hope you die

Yo, you could

Chuck on a beat, stuck on repeat for a couple of weeks

You try to kick it with Jeff and just keep scuffing your feet

Why won't you smile more Pat, it looks like someone fucked with your teeth

You;d figure you'd go to the dentist more often cause there suckers are free

[Round 3: Pat Stay]

Fuck it

History lesson


The Elements League started in Scotia, the owner was a coward and quit

T-Rex? came across my battles on Youtube cause I was the only one pushing thousands of hits

After a while of being a fan he decided to give it a whirl

And that created the largest battle company in the world

Then Organik started King of the Dot

Inspired from Grind Time, inspired from the Elements League

Which technically means this entire movement was inspired directly from me

So don't you dare say that you write for and I've been copying your shit

Cause I'm the motherfucking sole reason Hollohan exists

You know that's true


I'm the one that paved the way for you, I've been around since it started from scratch

I'm the one that had Hollhan's back regardless of the tatt' on Hollohan's back

I'm the one that brought you to the studio for your first time and let you hop on a track

Shit, I'm the motherfucking sole reason you even started to rap!

But I will give props to you, you are nice with the pen

He draws perfect Swastikas

For real

Picasso ain't got shit on Holocaust, or, Hollohan

Wait, yo

It's actually insane how he captures his paintings

Eyes closed, laughing like crazy

Having a day dream of African slavery and the disaster in Haiti

Alright now real talk, he was a skin head

And did have a white pride tatt' but he's too much of a punk to admit this shit

A skin head rapper, who tans to look darker

You fucking hypocrite!

And you're not from the Darkside , you're from Montebello

An all white little quiet place

The streets have signs that say "Black guys, a Thousand miles away"

And he didn't ? from the cops he got fucked up and robbed and split cause he owes money

He almost got charged with Possession but he blamed the dope on his own buddy

Scared of the pen' so he bailed on his friend like a punk

Why'd you frame him like that?

You never had a problem with stealing rhymes you should've taken the rap

So this is for Mitchell who is ordered probation

For your friends who you've whored and betrayed them

For the innocent girls that you raped and the genitals warts that you gave them

You are not a man of honor nor of any higher power

You're a pathetic, low life piece of shit, back stabbing, fucking coward

[Round 3: Hollohan]

You a fucking rat! You a fucking rat for that last verse!

Knowing you'd force me so I'd flip it

Clearly you are into dry snitching as much as Bartone loves fly fishing or Caliente loves friend chicken, boom

See there's a lot of shit you don't want me to say that's unfortunate though

Pat wanted to stop me from crossing the line like the Boarder Patrol

People don't know what happened in the past

I've been holding this inside for a long time and it's been destroying me

Where the fuck were you that night in '05 when I got jumped and robbed when all my real boys with me?

You fucking duc- you fucking ducked my calls for the next six months, you just avoided me

See I retaliated Pat, you fucked up the loyalty

You, you project your hate onto others only trying to help your self esteem

You didn't move out of your mothers till you were twenty three

And you wore Exco jeans every single day till you were seventeen

I know that we been homies since you and I were second graders

But in my mind my friends are strangers

I've been cold since birth like my mother's time she spent in labour was in a cryogenic chamber

I don't write all your shit

I exaggerated and you said it that that's gay

But I do help you a lot

So to the level you're at, I at least sent you to half way

If you wanna know the rhymes I did write

You can find them on Youtube, video entitled 'The Best of Pat Stay'

You've come to me for everything on your search for perfect structure

You're worthless and deserve to suffer

The only thing you have in common with a boss is that you take credit for the work of others

And in your last battle you had a line that was dope that you wrote

Proving that you too are clever

But even Patty I know that I could do it better

I enter your home, your older brothers be the first to my slaughter

Fuck your little sister she says it hurts but she wanna

Have her submerged in Piranhas , murder your momma then put your little furry Chihuahua in a Hurricanrana

And if your granny want it too then HADOUKEN!

Yo, on some personal shit

When I was eighteen I almost died

I had a blood clot, in I.C.U walking around attached to an I.V rocking a hospital gown

When my real friends visited me you were not to be found

So I'll return the favour by not showing up when you die and then put you in a box in the ground Patty

And in the last battle, you said we shared a hit list

Oh no, no, no

My brain is tapped like a gold mine or a phone line

You thought we shared a hit list but you were on mine the whole time